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The first one was great success

Minister Peter Sinon, Minister for Investment, Industries and Natural Resources of the Republic of Seychelles

The Seychelles 1st International Investment Forum has being organized at the Husa President Park Hotel, in Brussels, Belgium with the participation of several local investors and agencies dealing directly with investments.

The primary aim of the Seychelles International Investment Forum is to provide potential investors from the European Community with information on Seychelles, its investment opportunities and its business and economic climate. more

Danny Faure - July 2010
Vice President and also responsible for Finance portfolio

“One of our priorities is our economic reform programme. Introduced in November 2008, the reform programme has allowed us in a relatively short period of time to reduce our total public debt stock to 82 % of GDP from 170%; ......slashed inflation to zero from 62%; ......eliminate perennial problem of lack of foreign exchange; .......encourage entrepreneurships and new businesses; .....build up the country’s external reserves to close to 200 million US dollars or two months of import coverage; .....bring stability to the exchange rates and lower interest rates.....It has not been an easy process and it is one still ongoing but we are determined to see it through.  The reform has the support of our people, major international institutions and the international community at large.”

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Seychelles Investment Forum,
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
5-6th April 2011

NewsInvestors meet Seychelles Government and Businesses in Brussels at the First Seychelles Investment Forum