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Seychelles – Vietnam Business Forum on 29th August 2013

At the Headquarters of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 9 Dao Duy Anh, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) in collaboration with the non-resident Ambassador for Seychelles in Vietnam and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), with the full support of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has taken the opportunity of the official visit of the President of the Republic of Seychelles in Vietnam on 29th August 2013 to organize a Seychelles – Vietnam Business Forum.

The event will provide the business community of Vietnam with adequate general information on the Seychelles; the uniqueness of its tourism sector; the Seychelles business and regulatory / legal framework; the environment and economic climate; and promote its business and investment opportunities in three main area of focus:  Tourism, Fisheries and Trade.

Over 150 delegates from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry have confirmed their participation to the event.  A small delegation of 10 people from the business community of Seychelles comprising mainly of SCCI members shall also be accompanying the SIB team to the event.  The program for this forum shall be shorter than the norm with a limited number of presentations but will provide for at least one hour of interactions between the participants, the speakers and the representatives from the local business community. Due to certain limitations for this particular event, SIB could not unfortunately extend invitations for a wider local participation.

The Republic of Seychelles and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam established diplomatic relations in 1979 and this is the 2nd time a Head of State from Seychelles visits Vietnam since 1981.  President James Michel in his message for this event said that “This timely and most useful Seychelles-Vietnam Business Forum forms part of a series of initiatives aimed at boosting economic exchanges in the favourable context of bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation. Our two countries are both looking for economic opportunities beyond our borders, for trade, for growth, for the progress of our peoples, for greater international understanding, for peace.

The Chairman and President of VCCI, Dr Vu Tien Loc, said that “VCCI With its functions and role in boosting Vietnamese businesses has been assigned by the Vietnamese Government the task to set up the Vietnam - Africa - Middle East Business Forum. The Forum is being set up in order to promote available advantages to support Vietnamese enterprises to develop cooperation with African and Middle Eastern countries.

In this context we are glad to host and co-organize with the Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles, Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Seychelles Investment Board, the first VIETNAM-SEYCHELLES BUSINESS FORUM.”  He has invited the Seychelles’ business community to join the Vietnam - Africa - Middle East Business Forum and contribute to its success.

This will be the 7th edition of the international promotional events organized by SIB and SIB takes the opportunity to thank its three main corporate sponsors for this event:  Eden Island Development Pty Ltd; Oceana Fisheries; and Air Seychelles Ltd.