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Jacquelin Dugasse - December 2007

Former Minister for Investment

"The Business environment in Seychelles has never been as excellent as it is today and there is a huge potential for growth for existing businesses.? This goes well with our vision 'to promote sustainable long term projects which maximize the multiplier effects in the economy.'.........the Government's role in the wealth creation for our country is by further promoting and showcasing all of the potentials Seychelles possess as an investor's paradise."

From our Investment Policy:

"...... the Investment Laws and policies are designed to support an investment friendly climate; guarantee that Seychellois and overseas investments will compliment each other; foster appropriate linkages with all sectors of the economy, in particular, the tourism and financial services sectors. They encourage the exploitation of our natural resources in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner; provide for the maximum level of employment, guarantee an acceptable level of economic security and generally foster the economic growth and development of The Seychelles."

Joe Borg - May 2009

European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Seychelles Forum

"The world economy is witnessing the sharpest contraction in global growth in many decades. Emerging and developing countries have been particularly seriously hit ......Nonetheless....Seychelles has embarked on? a courageous reform program, and in the last six months the country has responded robustly to the difficult circumstances it is facing and has committed to pursuing an impressive agenda for change.? The reform program has made a good start, reflecting the Authorities' strong commitment and ownership of the reforms.? This is why the EU is happy to move to a new cooperation approach...."

President James Michel - June 2008

"There is growing interest in investment in our country...... This demonstrates the confidence that our country generates internationally.? We have been described as a hotspot by several analysts..... Seychellois are also increasingly investing in their country and ......embarking on joint ventures with foreign investors."

President James Michel - February 2005

"Economic and cultural globalisation is a reality........Today the future of Seychelles is very much linked to the future of the world and that of our region..."

Joseph Belmont - March 2010

Former Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles Afrique Asia magazine

"Nous néavons pas atteint les limites du développement du tourisme. Il y a 115 îles aux Seychelles et certaines offrent des conditions fort intéressantes pour le tourisme, comme les îles coralliennes du sud."

Peter SINON - 22nd July 2010

Minister for Investment, Natural Resources and Transport

As the new Minister for "Investment, Natural Resources and Industries" for our archipelago, one of my very first challenge, is to enhance further the enabling environment for doing business in Seychelles. It is true that our focus and preference are for long-term and serious investors who will join us and embrace our strong environmental conservation record. Indeed the latter is progressively becoming a valued brand asset for any company that 'drop anchor' to do business in Seychelles. My key performance indicator from now to July 2011 is  for Seychelles to be equipped to welcome you, dear investors, with much greater efficiency that will compare to the best destinations that today stand high on the global "ease of doing business' indicator matrix. We will do so within the framework of sustainability and without compromising our pristine environment which is considered as the 'goose that lay our golden eggs' in the form of the increasing trend in the number of tourists that grace our shores! Bienvenu aux Seychelles!

Danny Faure - July 2010

Vice President and also responsible for Finance portfolio

“One of our priorities is our economic reform programme. Introduced in November 2008, the reform programme has allowed us in a relatively short period of time to reduce our total public debt stock to 82 % of GDP from 170%; ......slashed inflation to zero from 62%; ......eliminate perennial problem of lack of foreign exchange; .......encourage entrepreneurships and new businesses; .....build up the country’s external reserves to close to 200 million US dollars or two months of import coverage; .....bring stability to the exchange rates and lower interest rates.....It has not been an easy process and it is one still ongoing but we are determined to see it through.  The reform has the support of our people, major international institutions and the international community at large.”

President James Alix Michel – February 2013

“Macro-economic perspectives show results that are more than encouraging.  In 2012 we surpassed the targets we set, whether in the fiscal plan where we had an estimated 6.4% surplus in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or on the monetary side in terms of foreign exchange reserves, or in structural reforms………... I am very satisfied to note that Fitch Ratings agency elevated our credit rating from “stable” to “positive”. This is the result -- as the agency affirmed -- of a favourable governance and investment climate, good management of public and external debts, fiscal discipline and a more viable financial situation for our public enterprises.”

Minister Pierre Laporte - December 2012

“Our private sector must remain dynamic given it is the engine of growth. The Government is constantly exploring avenues to make the investment climate more conducive for the private sector to thrive. In 2012, we invested significant time and resources to ensure that it is easier, less costly, and less bureaucratic for anyone aspiring to do business in Seychelles.”