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Seychelles is a young country, only settled for 250 years and independent for little more than 30 years. But with the energy of such a young nation it is striving to forge its own destiny, facing challenges and overcoming them, ready to unleash its potential.

Seychelles is moving steadily and unstoppably forward, making the most of modern technology and its unique, vibrant, dynamic mix of peoples and cultures. A worldwide mix, with the open, positive mindset of a community formed through immigration and emigration, Seychelles is an archipelago of small islands with a global imagination, where thinking outside the box is a way of life.

The country’s location, just four degrees south of the equator in the western Indian Ocean, presents a range of advantages to the prospective investor.

Located outside the cyclone belt, businesses and infrastructure in the country are free from the threat of the devastating tropical storms which occur further south. Instead Seychelles enjoys year round sunshine, with just enough rain to keep the mountains and atolls lush and green.

And what better climate and location in which to entertain clients and business partners than on the country’s sun soaked beaches or tranquil, luxurious five-star hotels.

In a time zone four hours ahead of GMT Seychelles is open for business at the same time as everywhere from Tokyo to London and attribute easily combined with modern communications technology making Seychelles an ideal hub for business spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Independent since 1976 and democratic since 1993, Seychelles offers a level of social and political stability unfound in other countries in the region.

The country’s high standard of living, small population size and welcoming attitude to visitors – a result of the country’s long standing commitment to the tourist trade, but also the islands’ inhabitants natural warmth – combine to make Seychelles a safe and stable place for business and for life.

Seychelles’ trilingual (English, French and Seychelles Kreol) population are accustomed to working alongside foreign visitors. Each year Seychelles plays host to a higher number of visitors than its own resident population creating a population ready, willing and experienced at working with foreign people and ideas.